1. 15 of the Best Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2018

    15 of the Best Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2018

    Fashion is a highly visual industry, which explains why Instagram is the social network of choice for lovers of style. But there is far more fashion content online than what people share on social media. It has always been a strong niche for blogging.

    There are many quality fashion blogs, which unsurprisingly feature high-quality photographs of the latest fashion innovations.  Most fashion blogs are full of inspiration for those mornings you open your wardrobe door with your mind in a blank. They make an ideal place to begin your online research into what’s hot this year before you head off to purchase your own outfits. They can also provide you with ideas about what you can mix and match to create that perfect look.

    The successful online fashion bloggers are as much influencers as the big names who post fashion images on Instagram. Indeed, most of these fashion bloggers have an active Instagram presence as well.

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  2. Rise and shine: this fall, it’s all about glitter from top to toe!

    Rise and shine: this fall, it’s all about glitter from top to toe!

    Girls, rise and shine! Because this fall is shaping up to be quite a bright one. How come? Seems like designers all played being Peter Pan’s fairy Tinkerbell this fall season: they bandied glitter around as if they were to celebrate the last day on earth. The more, the better: they literally piledsparkling sequins up on skirts, coats and dresses, they cladded shoes, bags, and yes – even the model’s faces — with glitter and (ab)used copiously shiny, metallic fabrics.

    The result was radiant, beaming, lustrous: at Max Mara’s, the classic camel coat turned into a bright gold plaid, Maison Margiela mixed sequins with easygoing daywear, Gucci couldn’t decide between sequins and color (so combined both), Saint Laurent had so many bling bling details we could write a book about it. Ahh, and the shoes! Sparkling feet all over the place at Dolce&Gabbana’s, Giuseppe Zanotti’s, Balenciaga’s, Miu Miu’s…

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  3. Magento 2 : search into category name

    Magento 2 : search into category name
    Advanced Reporting
    Gain new insights and take command of your business' performance, using our dynamic product, order, and customer reports tailored to your customer data.
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  4. Bohemian Summer

    Bohemian Summer

    Nothing’s more enjoyable during hot summer days than feeling absolutely free and lost, either it’s in an “adventurous” travel state of mind or, in my regards, fashion as well. You can start by thinking early escapes to the beach, late night dinners and cocktails without any timeline, endless naps and talks with friends, a phone finally in a pocket or a bag instead of on the dining table… Also legs out, arms out, braided hear, big hats and tanned skin. Summer gives me a mood like nothing else. So happy, I can’t even relate.

    Being in Greece hosted by Louis Vuitton, we enjoyed a few more days in the heart of Mykonos, exploring the little white streets and bright colored walls/doors. Everything seemed so clean, new and beautiful. Mykonos is definitely one of these magical places where you feel like anything can happen. And I can tell you, some se-ri-ous shopping and party happened over there… Don’t tell about it please…

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